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Snack gives you the freedom to explore and assign award-winning learning courses from the best content providers to your team as much as you want.

All-in-One Training-as-a-Service

Cloud LMS + Over 400 Comprehensive Courses

TaaS - "Training as a Service" simplifies the process of adopting training services to achieve your team's learning and development goals. Online Training for your organization now happens with minimal effort on your end, at an affordable cost.

Award-Winning Courses + Continuing Education Credits

Snack provides over 400 award-winning microlearning courses for both managers and employees, including e-Learning Best 2019 courses. Half of the programs also offer continuing education credits.

One-Click to Start: No Download, No Sign-in Needed

Do you need to learn how to use an LMS before using an LMS? Absolutely not. Snack focuses on the critical process and the features that you need the most. Unload the rest, and focus on your team, not your tool.

One Subscription Covers All Content and Service

Snack provides over 400 award-winning microlearning courses for both managers and employees, including e-Learning Best 2019 courses. Half of the programs also offer continuing education credits.

Award-winning Courses from Best Content Providers

Talent Development & Retention Programs

* Quality reduced intently for copyright reasons
  • The Stay Interview
  • Retaining Your Employees
  • Recognizing Employees
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Discussing Total Compensation
  • Developing and Coaching Employees
  • Coaching Career Development
  • Building Your Career
  • Behavioral Based Interviewing
  • Team Success & Productivity Programs

    * Quality reduced intently for copyright reasons
  • Project Management for Managers
  • Process and Quality Improvement
  • Performance Management and Development
  • Management Essentials
  • Giving Great Feedback
  • Email and Text Etiquette
  • DISC Communication
  • Delegating Work
  • Building Trust and Respect
  • Compliance, Security & Safety

    * Quality reduced intently for copyright reasons
  • Workplace Safety
  • Personal Behaviors and Conduct
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Managers
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Conflict Resolution in the Office
  • Data Privacy and Information Security
  • Eye safety
  • Leadership Development

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Leading the Organization Strategy
  • Building Your Leadership Skills
  • Become a Reliable Leader with Integrity
  • Increase Employee Innovation
  • Learn From a Conflict Management Expert
  • Building Trust in the Virtual Environment
  • A Leader’s Thoughts on Strategy
  • Balance Your Leadership and Employee Roles
  • Business Development and Sales

  • Relationship Selling
  • Predictable Revenue
  • Outbound Prospecting The Business Case
  • A Framework for Inbound Lead Generation
  • Customer Service Management
  • Building Customer Rapport
  • Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict
  • Managing Remote Customer Service Teams
  • Continuing Education Credit

    With content from Registered Education Providers, a number of programs on Snack offer PDU credits of Project Management Institute (PMI), Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) credits, or HR Certification Institute (HRCI®)'s credits.

    Your team members will love this benefit.

    Extremely Simplified Experience

    We create a truly lightweight experience to help you reach your team's L&D goals.

    Explore hundreds of courses

    Browse the award-winning program library and preview the programs to find the exact course you need to reach your L&D goal.

    Create your Team

    Simply upload a CSV file of your team members or manually enter their information to create your team on Snack in just a few minutes.

    Assign and get Started!

    Assign your course of choice to your employees with a few simple clicks. You’ll be able to track their progress on the reports page.

    Compared to the Others


    Snack TaaS
    Other Major LMS Software
    Course Included
    Continuing Education Credit
    Minimalist Design
    Multi-screen Compatibility
    One-Click Start for Employees
    Customized Course
    Pricing Plan
    Flat-rate subscription
    On-demand or by subscription
    Total Cost per Employee
    $5 per month
    $15 per month or more, depending on the number of courses purchased


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